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  Take a glimpse into the lives of Cas, a hopeless romantic and serial dater, and his best friend, Jake, a lifelong bachelor and one-night stand king.

 With his 30th birthday a few years away, Cas is starting to realign his priorities, and a loving, monogamous relationship makes sense to him now more than ever. Jake, on the other hand, is “just hitting his stride” and has no plans on slowing down his no strings attached ways or free-wheeling nightlife.

 When Cas suffers a devastating break up that sends him spiraling into a deep depression, Jake, along with old high school friends, Chen and Manolo, try to help him get through this tough time. 

 As they embark on to different stages of their lives, will their relationship endure through Cas's latest depression? Have they grown too far apart to salvage their friendship? Will Cas find the one true love he so desperately seeks?

Step into the dating world through the eyes of young and eligible bachelors, as they set to conquer life, love, and lust in New York City.  

Playing The Field a novel by J.L. Mejias

"You only Yolo once."

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Playing The Field

 Playing The Field is his first published book. Inspired by true life experience and New York City night life exploits. 

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J.L. is currently working on two new books.

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Both are slated for release in 2018

J.L. Mejias

 A life-long writer, J.L. is a gentleman and a scholar from New York City.

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